Spray bottle

Spray bottles are great for placing cleaning solutions onto soils difficult to reach with brushes, pads, cloths and sponges. Their light weight makes them convenient to tote around the house from job to job.

Keeping extra spray bottles on hand is a great way to save money on cleaning supplies, whether you buy concentrated solutions or simply stretch your dollars by diluting all-purpose cleaners for light jobs.

For example, an empty one-pint (half a liter) spray bottle is the perfect place for a solution of spot remover that will remove minor spots from carpeting. Simply combine one teaspoon (five milliliters) of clear, uncolored dishwashing liquid and a pint of water, and the resulting cleaner will remove a large variety of spill residues.

Simple spray bottles are available for as little as a dollar at many discount retailers, department stores and home centers. If you need heavy-duty bottles, buy them at a janitorial supply shop.

Be sure to label your cleaning solutions for future reference. It’s probably a good idea to keep the spray bottles out of reach of children, since many of these chemicals are hazardous or toxic if ingested.

Warning! Don’t mix cleaning chemicals together in an effort to boost cleaning effectiveness. This is especially true of any solution containing chlorine bleach or ammonia, which when combined will produce toxic fumes. Likewise, many other harsh acids and alkalis can be volatile if mixed with other substances. Be certain to read and heed all cautions and warnings on all products before attempting to dilute or mix them together.


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