Performance & Green Info

Performance Results
Cleaning Effectiveness Score: 45 out of 50
Ease of Use: 50 out of 50
Economy: 40 out of 50
Overall Performance Value: 90%
How Do We Calculate This?

How We Test - In the Lab

Cleaning: The dirt was applied to the surface to be cleaned and allowed to sit for a 24 hour period. Following this, the surfaces were cleaned using a machine that mimics manual cleaning.

Surfaces cleaned: Ceramic, plastic and painted steel

How We Test - In the Field

TURI staff, cleaning professionals and/or residential cleaners field test products based on criteria co-developed by TURI and typical users to enable realistic performance evaluations in actual environments. End-user impressions, level of difficulty, productivity and other factors are documented. Video of product tests assists the evaluations whenever possible.

The Dirt

Huckers Soil which is a mixture of evaporated milk, creamy peanut butter, salted butter, stone ground wheat flour, egg yolk, printer ink with boiled linseed oil, saline solution, India Ink and water.

Green Measurements:
Total Points44/50
How We Measure Peformance:
Cleaning Effectiveness Score: 45 out of 50
Take performance efficiency from testing and divide in half (negative scores = 0)
Ease of Use Score: 50 out of 50
50Requires no additional time
Requires no additional rinsing
Requires no extra scrubbing
Easy to mix (less than 5 minutes to make)
403 of 4 of categories met
Less than 30 seconds extra cleaning
Less than 30 second rinsing
Needs sponge, cloth towel
Okay to make (5-10 minutes to make)
302 of 4 categories met
30-60 seconds of additional cleaning time
Requires multiple rinses
Need microfiber cloth
Hard to make (10+ minutes)
251 or 4 categories met
200 of 4 categories met
Requires 1-3 minutes extra cleaning
Requires multiple rinsing or extend rinsing
Needs abrasive wiping media
Difficult to make
10Needs stronger mixture
Next to impossible to make
0Can’t get it to work
Economy Score:40 out of 50
50Costs less than store bought cleaner
40Costs same as store bought cleaner
30Cost 25% more than store bought
20Cost 50% more than store bought
10Costs 75% more than store bought
0Way too much money to make it worth the effort
Total points: 135 out of 150
All Purpose Cleaners

Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Purpose

Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Purpose


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